LADI (Eng)

LADI, a new hygiene concept for toilets

We present an innovative device that keeps toilets clean longer, especially designed for those places where the use of toilets is done by customers and cleanliness is a key factor in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

It is ideal to be installed in hotels, offices, shopping centers, buildings industrial centers, schools, sports facilities, health centers, restaurants, bars and other businesses. In summary any toilet with cistern, either external or concealed.


It is a device that is easily installed inside any toilet that has a cistern (either raised, embedded, bottom or side loading) and that works autonomously, so it has the following advantages:

  • Aesthetic advantage: it is not seen, since there is no need for auxiliary systems outside the cistern
  • Autonomous operation without the need for electrical connection or batteries that require replacement
  • Anti-vandalism for all its elements are completely out of sight


Thanks to our specially developed liquid, each recharge allows a long duration (up to 1.400 – 1.800 cistern discharges depending on doypack volume), although there is the possibility of placing a bigger container on the outside of the toilet for intensive use and longer time between recharges.

In addition to that, our special liquid has characteristics that allow:

  • Removal of lime and yellow spots
  • Optional availability of active foam continuously
  • Preserve the joints
  • Easy replacement, liquid handling (doypack bag)
  • Fight bad odors

The cleaning of the internal surface of the toilet that makes the device in each discharge, allows reducing the frequency in the operation of cleaning it, as well as the time dedication in each operation.

The above points provide multiple savings that positively influence the costs associated with the cleaning of the toilets:

  • Time savings
  • Water savings
  • Savings in the use of cleaning products and accessories

Other benefits that also derive from our device are:

  • The users of the toilet reduce the discharges previous to their use when perceiving the cleaning sensation
  • Downpipes are also kept cleaner by the presence of liquid in each water discharge


At the end of each tank filling, LADI will automatically dilute a dose of sanitizing fluid in the cistern water, preparing it for the next discharge.

When diluting the fluid directly in the water of the cistern, each drop of water in the discharge contains a dose of sanitizing liquid, which allows:

  • Disposal of waste and sanitized inside the tank itself
  • Cleaning on the entire internal surface of the toilet, including inaccessible areas
  • Consumption associated with use, regardless of the time between discharges
1. Diluting the Sanitizing Liquid
2. Tank discharge
3. Comparisons with other Cleaning Systems

A 100% Spanish invention, patented, with distribution throughout Spain. If you do not have maintenance personnel, we will install it for you.